French online gambling tax

French online gambling tax reasons gambling age should lowered 18

The market is still hampered by heavy taxation imposed on money operators do not see. All-in-all, France is a gambling-friendly nation.

Sports betting, especially onlin race betting, has quite a tradition in France. To this day, traditional casino games aren't offered by French-licensed gaming sites. Online sports betting is not a monopoly in France, other companies may apply for and receive online sports betting licences as well. Several poker sites have even left the market due to the onerous tax laws. Bitcoin gambling, and the use of Bitcoin in general is not specifically regulated by French laws. The original version of baccarat, chemin de fer also originates from the country as well.

Poker can be offered by gaming clubs, casinos and online gambling Since poker is defined in the Tax Code as a "club card game" it counts. This page discusses the current state of online gambling laws in France. High taxes and excessive regulation make it difficult for licensed gaming sites to stay. French regulator ARJEL says the market's online gambling licensees lost a collective €5m in thanks to high taxes and poor product.